Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does an electrician need to be licensed?

Yes, LECCY Electricians and Air Conditioning technicians are all fully licenced and ensure our licencing and training is always up to date to conduct electrical work safely.

2. Are you insured if something is damaged at my house?

Yes, we are fully insured against any accidents or injury.

 3. Do you clean up after yourselves?

Yes, we treat your home as if it was ours. We at LECCY PTY LTD ensure all jobs are left as clean as when we started and that all of our rubbish is taken with us.

4. Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, we provide a 12 month labour warranty and stand by all manufacturer warranties. If a fault is caused by one of our installations we at LECCY PTY LTD will rectify the problem promptly at no additional charge.

5. Do you accept EFTPOS or credit cards?

Yes, upon invoicing we provide bank account details for payment to be made within 7 days. Alternatively we can accept payment via eftpos(1.9% surcharge applicable), cheque or cash.

6. I think I have seen something unsafe. What should I do?

If you think you have an unsafe electrical installation you should first warn everyone to stay away from it and if you can safely do so switch it off. You should then contact LECCY PTY LTD for emergency electrical services in Bribie Island immediately to investigate the issue safely and rectify the fault.

7. Why does my Safety Switch keep tripping?

A Safety Switch is designed to protect people from electric shock, it will trip and isolate the circuit when it has detected a faulty appliance. Unplug all of your appliances from their power points and turn on your Safety Switch. If it stays up then plug each appliance back in one at a time until it trips again. The appliance that trips the Safety Switch is the faulty one which needs to be repaired or replaced. If you cannot reset the Safety Switch after unplugging everything the safety switch may need replacing and it is recommended that you now leave it off and contact LECCY PTY LTD for emergency electrical services in Bribie Island to further investigate the issue safely and rectify the fault.

8. Why can’t I turn my tripped circuit breaker back on?

A circuit breaker is designed to protect the electrical cable, it will trip and isolate the power to a circuit in the event of an overload or short circuit. In order to reset a tripped circuit breaker you need to make sure the switch is all the way in the off position first. If you can then return it to the on position you will feel a click without it tripping again. If the circuit breaker trips again then you may have a short circuit or an overload on that circuit. It is recommended that you now leave it off and contact LECCY PTY LTD for emergency electrical services in Bribie Island to further investigate the issue safely and rectify the fault.

9. My switchboard has old ceramic fuses. Do I need to replace it?

If you think you have an unsafe switchboard installation have us attend for a health check up to put your mind at ease and provide you with our recommendations. If your house is powered by an old ceramic board and you have future plans for renovations, it would be advised to start budgeting for a switchboard upgrade into those costs.

10. I was told I need to have smoke alarms installed in every bedroom. Does this apply to me?

To make it simple, the new legislation states that interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms must be installed in any of the following areas:

- In every bedroom

- In hallways leading to bedrooms

- Between bedrooms and the rest of the house for bedrooms not accessed by hallway

- In the most likely path of exit for any storey without a bedroom

Although it is highly recommended to meet this legislation sooner rather than later for your own safety and peace of mind, it may not be a requirement for you to have them installed right now.

Your homes fire safety must meet this legislation after:

- New home or significant renovation - 1st January 2017

- Renting or selling - 1st January 2022 

- Owner occupied - 1st January 2027 

Visit the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services website for more information:

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